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"Field Of Dreams"
  • "Field Of Dreams"

    This oil painting was created by building layers of paint on the canvas using brushes and a palette knife.

    Available in limited edition prints. Please contact me for sizes, pricing and availibility!


    "The Yellow Rose"


    There among the field, grew a quiet yellow rose. Rising each day to greet the mornings rays, it bloomed under the smile of the sun. When the clouds rolled in, the little yellow rose missed its warm friend. Looking longingly at the gloomy sky, little yellow rose asked “Why can’t every day be spent with Sunshine?” Pidder Padder, the rain began its rhythmic drum upon his petals. Sighing, the little rose planted his roots deeper into the soil, bracing for the eminent visit of Wind. The wind did blow, and the rain poured, enveloping the air in an earthy mist. Early the next morning, the little rose peeked from behind its petals. To his great delight, his friend Sunshine was rising to greet him! Smiling, Sunshine hung high once again, illuminating the watered earth with his warmth. “Oh Sunshine! How I missed you!” exclaimed the little rose. “And my, how you’ve grown!” laughed Sunshine. “My beautiful flower, without the rainy days, you would not grow into a beautiful strong rose! You see- the gloomy days, and the storms that come, are what strengthen your roots and water your soul. Without the storms- you would not grow! And how lovely you have grown because of them. Stand tall, my love, embrace the rain! And you will grow to be chosen as the most lovely among the field."

    -Hannah Kristine


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